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Feather Headdress workshops On Blackheath Festival 2017

Neon Panda ran Feather Headdress workshops on the Saturday and Sunday at on Blackheath festival, sponsored by John Lewis.

We were located in the Hidden heath VIP area, in a beach hut surrounded by tropical garden with a mini beach, cocktail bar, food vendors and lots of fun activities; including creative workshops, make overs, photo booths and hook a duck.

At Neon Panda's feather headdress workshop, they learned step by step how to create their own feather headdress that they then could wear at the festival.

They first had to choose from a selection trimmings that I had pre-cut to size and organised in presentation boxes.

There was an exciting variety of feathers, braids, ribbon and pom poms they could create their designs with.

Once they had selected their trimmings, I then demonstrated how to assemble their headdress with two slightly different techniques depending on whether they went for a crochet lace or glitter ribbon base.

I was really pleased with how may lovely design variations everyone came up with. The classes were very popular and a lot of fun to run. The method I created for this headdress design worked well, it was enjoyable to make and not too tricky. Everyone's Feather Headdresses turned out really good

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